Event speakers

Anne-Marie has pursued doctoral studies in France (University of Paris X-Nanterre) and in Sweden (Stockholm University ). She is now a part-time lecturer in Science of Education and a associated Research Fellow, University of Paris Ouest-Nanterre La Défense, France. She has carried out many studies with parents and children with a particular focus on early childhood and child rearing practices. She has published in co-edited and single authored books and international journals.

Her main interests and publications are in the social and cultural study of children’s everyday lives, family education and early intervention within an international perspective. She is currently working on a European projects: – A comparative study on European early childhood education conducted by University of Liège in Belgium (2014-2015). She is involved in Erasmus+ project CAPEvFAIR “ taking care of vulnerable females during perinatality” in 4 E.U countries.

Graduated in Pedagogy, Specialized in Psychotherapy at the Salesian University of Rome (IFREP), PhD in Educational Sciences in 1994, and since 2002 Associate Professor of General and Social Pedagogy in the Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of Padua, in which she is currently the teacher of:
Pedagogy of the family, I year, Degree Course in Primary Education
General and social pedagogy, I year, CdL Social Service
Pedagogy of the family, II year, CdL Sciences of childhood and preadolescence.

After graduating in 2005 in Education Sciences, in 2009 I obtained a PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, Education and Training at the Department of Education Sciences of the University of Padua, with a thesis entitled "The Biographical Trajectories ketches of small stars.

PhD with european mention in Education and Master in Group Dynamics with the Faculty of Education of the University of Barcelona. Associate professor. Currently she is teaching and researching in the department of Research Methods and Diagnosis in Education at the University of Barcelona. She co-directs the child protection research line of the GRISIJ group. Her research is related to the protection of children and the family, especially with regard to foster care and adoption and from the perspective of resilience and positive parenting. Publications include contributions in various family educational and support programs (addressed to foster care and adoptive families, as well as families in vulnerable situations, biological families), the program to accompany the pregnancy, birth and puerperium, book chapters and scientific articles.

She is Education Specialist at UNICEF Romania and has 22 years of experience in organizational and project management, consultancy, sociological research and training. She is currently coordinating UNICEF initiatives to promote early education, school attendance and access to inclusive and quality education for all children. Within UNICEF, Luminita has also coordinated initiatives on the social inclusion of the most vulnerable children. She has been working for UNICEF since 2007.

He is a Ph.D. professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Work of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences at „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, where he teaches courses on sociological research methodology, intervention project elaboration methodology, appreciative methods research in social assistance, program evaluation and Video Interaction. He is a graduate of Sociology and Political Science, being Head of the 1996 Promotion; he attended the master courses in social management and community development; received the award for the most valuable doctoral thesis in sociology sustained in 2004, at the Faculty of Philosophy at „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi. He is associate researcher of the Institute for Life Quality Research, Bucharest, and director of the Iasi Branch of Holt Romania. He has published numerous studies and researches in the field of sociology and social assistance, in which he approached contemporary aspects of social theories and practice, having a wealth of experience in the field of research and program evaluation.

Ph.D in Education, Associate Professor at the University of Verona, focuses her research on methods of cultural mediation with migrant families; she is particularly interested in mechanisms of exclusion and marginalization, secondary victimization, theoretical abuse. She is project manager of the action-research “Multicultural analysis of care service”, by the European Union, Ministero dell’Interno, city of Verona; and co-project manager of the project “Care devices for the services related to women victims of trade and vulnerable women”.

University Professor; PhD in Sociology (1996); Internship at the University “René Descartes”, at INRP Paris, at the EHESS , member of ASR, AISLF, and AIFRIS. Areas: Sociology, Research Methodology, Sociology of Education, Community Development Sociology, Sociology of Health; attending congresses, conferences, sociology and social work seminars; Author of : ROMANIA. SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES, Editura Institutul European, 2008; SOCIETATEA ROMANEASCA IN TRANZITIE Ed Institutul European, in 2012. SOCIOLOGII ACTUALE Ed FILES, Cluj, 2014 etc.

Collective volumes in Romania: TRATAT SOCIOLOGY Ed Belladi, Craiova, 2010, TRATAT DE ASISTENTA SOCIALA Polirom, 2013 etc.

Collective volumes abroad: SOCIAL WORK AND IMMIGRATION, L’Harmattan, Paris, 2006; HISTORY OF SOCIAL WORK IN EUROPE, Ed Vuibert, Paris, 2008. PUBLIC POLICY, SOCIAL ACTION, L’Harmattan, Paris, 2010 etc .; articles in specific magazines etc.

She is Professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Work of the Faculty of Phylosophy, „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi Iaşi where she teaches Sociology of Family, Sociology of Childhood, Methodology of Social Research, and Assessment of Social Work Programs. Her doctoral thesis in sociology concerns the functioning of foster families and how children are cared in these settings, the particularities of care in the substitutive parenting context and the way the equation parent – child is constructed in the child protection system conditions. She followed a postdoctoral program in the ethics and health policy domain; she took part in numerous researches in the area of the social, and in assessing several social assistance programs implemented by both public and private providers and focused on vulnerable families.


Universitat de Barcelona - GRISIJ
Università di Padova - LabRIEF
Università di Verona
David Yellin Academic College of Education
CAMINANTE Association
African Families Service - UK
Casa di Ramia - Comune di Verona